The Management of the Center for Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology (CQAB) at the University of Alcalá (UAH), aware of the demands involved in the synthesis of organic compounds, the development and validation of analytical methods, and analysis in the chemical-pharmaceutical and related sectors, takes responsibility and commits to establishing a Quality Management System (QMS) based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard that complements the application of the principles of Good Laboratory Practices established in Directive 2004/10/EC.


• Attend to the needs and demands of internal users and external clients as a Research Support Center of the UAH.
• Properly manage the available human resources and equipment.


To enhance CQAB's visibility and competitively position it in the market to increase participation in public tender projects and University-Enterprise contracts under Article 60 of the LOSU through the attainment of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certification.


Here's the translation:

• Understand and meet the needs and expectations of internal users and external clients.
• Comply with legislative and regulatory requirements applicable to CQAB.
• Manage and continuously improve the QMS through the review and improvement of its processes.
• Raise awareness among staff about the importance of implementing Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and maintaining and improving the QMS.
• Enhance the human factor through communication, participation, and teamwork.
• Ensure the technical and human resources necessary for the successful development of activities.
• Ensure the impartiality, independence, integrity, training, and technical competence of the members of the Center.

This policy involves all levels of the organization. For its knowledge, understanding, and application by staff and relevant stakeholders, it is available on the Center's website.