The Center for Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology (CQAB) is a research support center (CAI) of the University of Alcalá (UAH), which is organized into three areas to provide service to public and private research groups. The areas are called Fine Chemicals Pilot Plant, Bioanalysis (PPQF) and Quality Control (UBACC), and Biotechnology (UBIOTEC).

Planta Piloto de Química Fina

The Fine Chemistry Pilot Plant Unit is tasked with designing, synthesizing, optimizing, and scaling any organic molecule entity according to user needs, encompassing the requirements specified in the "ICH Guidelines."

Bioanalysis and Quality Control

The Bioanalysis and Quality Control Unit performs a dual function: providing analytical support to other areas of the CQAB and offering analytical services to research groups in both public and private sectors. Additionally, it involves the development of new validated analytical methods and the isolation of trace compounds for elucidation.


The Biotechnology Unit works with recombinant organisms aimed at expressing chemical reactions or obtaining proteins. It focuses on refining techniques for extraction, purification, and optimization of biotechnological processes.