The CQAB's main function is to provide scientific-technical support to all research laboratories that request it, so public and private sectors, in the chemical-pharmaceutical, clinical, food, cosmetic, enviromental, polymeric materials and biomaterials, biotechnology and circular economy studies.

To request any service provission, it is necessary to fill in the "analysis request". The request can be sent by email or together with the sample, in the latter case it is recommended to contact by email or telephone before sending. If any other service is not included in the application, register in contact perfoming the query.

The list of fees is a basic breakdown of the analytical services that the CQAB offers. However, the center is not limited to these services, we can study the feasibility of any service or project based on the equipment available to the CQAB, the training and capabilities of its staff, offering a service according to the needs of the user or client.