The CQAB was devised and designed as a research and innovation centre to promote the collaboration between the University and the Business sector, and provide researchers with additional infrastructures to the existing ones, and in order to develop industry oriented research. The staff and organizational structure of the CQAB was designed with this vision.


  1. To carry out collaborative research and development projects between public and private entities, fostering business innovation through technology and knowledge transfer.

  1. To carry out technological services for public companies and agents, providing a high specialization to entities who outsource this kind of services.

  1. To teach of highly specialized master’s degrees for graduates and postgraduates and updating courses for postgraduates who carry out their activity in the public and prívate sectors.

  1. To train high qualified personnel according to the employment demand/market in the fields of Fine Chemicals and related áreas. So much, UAH undergraduatge students and IES Vocacional Education and Training (VET) in the área of Chemistry, through business interships.

  1. The implementation of management system certification that provides security, environmental quality in processes and customer confidence