The CQAB develops public financing projects on a competitive basis and research projects with companies tailored to their needs, through contracts article 60 of the Organic Law of the University System (Law 2/2023 of March 22th), as well as in CDTI projects with companies.

Fine Chemicals Pilot Plant

In the laboratories of the Fine Chemistry Pilot Plant, organic synthesis projects are carried out that include obtaining compounds at various scales (from mg to Kg), integrating procedures, "green" technologies and ICH guidelines into the synthetic routes. The most representative activities carried out in the last 25 years are detailed.

Bio-analysis and Quality Control

The UBACC assumes the development of specific analytical projects and development of new analytical methods in different fields such as drugs, natural products, food and food additives, organic contaminants, cosmetics, organic materials, etc. It is also responsable for analytical support for structural determination and purity and quality control of products generated at PPQF and UBIOTEC

Biotechnology and Materials

The Biotechnology Unit has extensive experience in the use of biological systems, in suspension and supported, mainly for the production of proteins and chemical reactions, as well as in water treatment