The Biotechnology Unit has a wide experience in the use of biological systems, either in suspensión or supported, basically for the production of metabolites and the treatment of waters. The most representative activities in this area are as follows:

  • Development of models describing the interaction between substract/microorganism/product..
  • Development of methodologies which enable the characterisation of processes, considering the evolution of the biomass, the reactor´s characteristics (tank, shaking, airlift) and the operation conditions.
  • Design of pneumatically agitated reactors, with flux models for biphasic and triphasic systems, and a matter transfer model. 
  • Design of treatment processes for contaminated water with persistent organic matter (pesticides, PAH, detergents, etc.), and where ozone/oxygen is used as an oxidation process (AOP).
  • Development of processes for complex organic matter elimination, difficult to characterize, which establish a relation between the physical and chemical stages in the process, and the operation conditions. As a result, the process is optimized, specially the ozone consumption. The model can be also used in other oxidation processes such as as UV/H2O2 ; Fe2+/H2O2 y UV/Fe2+/H2O2