Chemical Analysis and Quality Control



The UBCC develops specific analytical projects and the set up of new analytical methods in the fields of drugs, natural products, agrofood and food additives, organic contaminants and cosmetics. The UBCC also provides analytical support for the structural identification, purity and quality control of all the products fabricated at the PPQF and the UB. The most representative activities carried out over the last 10 years, are the following:

  • Identification of drugs and metabolites in raw materials, medicines and biological samples.
  • Development and validation of new analytical methods.
  • Study of drug stability in raw materials and medicines.
  • Study of drug polymorphism.
  • Identification and quantificaction of impurities, metabollites and trace contamination with different matrices.
  • Isolation and purification of bioactive components in natural extracts.
  • Identification of metals in samples from different origins.